Tara Axson – Pursuing My Passion

Pursuing My Passion

People rarely do what they enjoy and hardly ever pursue their passion. Our passion tends to come secondary to what is suggested we should be doing. It’s probably because we always hear our parents in the back of our heads pushing us to be doctors or lawyers. Don’t get me wrong, those professions are excellent, but we tend not to explore what we really want to do. The options given to us may not be the ones we really want to seek. I was one of those people!

My mother and father wanted me to be successful, and pushed me to be the best that I could be. They wanted me to be in the upper echelon of professions so that I could “Make That Money!” They did not want me to struggle and wanted me to have a better life than they had, and you know what? We should!!! But a better life also includes what we are born to do! See, some of our parents had passions too! They may have chosen a career that paid the bills, instead of one they loved that could have paid the bills as well.

It wasn’t until the passing of my mother, and my father’s sickness (which almost took him out of this world) that I realized my profession was not what I really wanted to do! Here I was a Mechanical Engineer by degree, working as a Project Engineer for a construction company, making good money! I was able to support myself and more. I recognized, life was too short and I was actually a shell of what I could be. I wanted to wake up each morning skipping to work. I wanted a profession that someone had to pull me away from.  If long hours were required I wouldn’t mind because I truly wanted to be there doing it.

I did not feel that way about my current job. So, when my mom passed I asked myself, “What do you actually truly love to do, because you can’t leave this world having just existed?”  After soul searching, I realized that I have always secretly loved beauty, most of all doing hair! Well, after I came to that conclusion, a few weeks later I was laid off due to reasons beyond my control. Although I was devastated, I actually saw it as my opportunity to leap into the unknown and go for my dream! So, I enrolled myself into Cosmetology school (mind you I was in my 30’s, so you only know I was so removed from the classroom) to start my journey not only to become a cosmetologist, but with goals of becoming a Salon Owner. 
Now, 4 years later, let me tell you, it has been the best decision ever! Have I hit some bumps in my road? Yes!  But without those bumps and bruises, I would not appreciate my journey as much as I do. I would not have learned all that I know now. I still aspire to be a Salon Owner, but right now I’m gaining as much field knowledge as I can by working as a hairstylist.

You may be thinking, well what about that engineering degree? How opposite is that from what you are doing?!! I have a response to that too! Do you know it influences my career now?  I am all about those angles in cutting hair, all about those formulas for color, all about addressing the scalp issues that many have. I try to get to the origin of the problem in order to have a solution. I love hair care! I believe when you work from the scalp to the ends, the styling will be even better and the client leaves feeling amazing! When my client is satisfied, I feel amazing too. I could never trade that feeling, that’s what makes me excited to be in the Salon! So, reflect on yourself and ask, “What am I passionate about?” Like someone once said, “When you discover it, you will then find your oxygen.”
 Tara Axson

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  1. Tara, Passion, Dreams, Oxygen –that's what I'm talking about. Your enthusiasm is great and I'm so glad you moved away from a career and towards your passion. I absolutely enjoyed your post, peace and more joy! -@tiffytalks

  2. If you need a stylist…aka hair doctor, go to Cramers and make an appointment with Tara. She has been my stylist since October and I love her professionalism. She is about business and she takes time and meets her customers needs. My hair loves her. Yes, I am natural and most folks think I have a perm. If you care about your hair, invest in yourself and make Tara your stylist. Vivian

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