The Highway of Holiness

“A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean will not travel on it, But it will be for him who walks that way, And fools will not wander on it.”
– Isaiah 35:8

In Leviticus 11:44, God said “You must be holy because I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16). I believe Christians have lost their influence in the world because they represent Jesus very poorly. Most Christians don’t walk in the power and authority that Christ gave because holiness is no longer being taught as “the way” to live. Instead, Christians abuse the freedom they have in Christ making it difficult to distinguish the believer from the non-believer. If you walk, talk, and act like the world – you’re not going to win anybody to Christ. Christians are supposed to be salt and light in this dark world. We should be setting a standard of living in the earth that makes non-believers envious to the point of desiring the joy and hope we have in Christ.

In my opinion, the churches today are partially responsible for the people of God lacking holiness. My husband says most churches look and act like a circus. It’s all entertainment. The churches are trying to appeal to the non-believer by incorporating “things” that will attract them. I don’t have a problem with getting a little creative. It becomes a problem when churches compromise on the ways of God and the message of the bible gets watered down so that people are not offended or turned off. People are leaving church services pumped up from the entertainment, but they’re lacking a Holy Spirit conviction and a challenge to change or Come Up Higher in the things of God. In other words, they leave the same way they came – broken, powerless or stagnant in their walk with God.

As a Christian YOU are responsible for “Walking out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12). Basically, you should know what pleases God and what He requires of you. What places are you frequenting that promote a godless atmosphere? What inappropriate television programs are you watching that consume your time? What kind of relationships are you nurturing that are unhealthy and displeasing to God? Stop tolerating and accepting the sins the world promotes. Stop being a part of it. Stop saying, “A little bit of this is ok” or “As long as I don’t do too much of that it’ll be fine because I have freedom in Christ.” Yes, the bible says “All things are permissible. It also adds, “But not everything is beneficial.” (1 Corinthians 10:23).

Very few men and women of God today, operate in the power of the Almighty God. Don’t you want to see answered prayer, people delivered from demonic oppression, people healed from terminal illnesses, nations turning their hearts back to God? These difficult requests require God’s involvement. The key to seeing a phenomenal mighty move of God is holiness. Holiness is striving to have clean hands and a pure heart. Holiness is walking in obedience to God’s commands. Holiness is how you live your life for God in the public eye and behind closed doors. It’s not easy walking the narrow highway of holiness, but it can be rewarding.

It starts with a decision to do it! Then it takes discipline. You will fall off of that narrow road, but you must quickly get up and keep pressing forward. We are living in dark times. Our country is falling apart and our families are experiencing spiritual attacks. As the people of God we have to get back to holiness, which is a standard of living that pleases God. When we do, He will heal our land and He will move on your behalf in ways you cannot imagine. Read the bible and know the word of God for yourself. Start walking on The Highway of Holiness.


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