Why I Stopped Sneaking Snacks Into Movies

Disclaimer: This post is not pointing fingers or judging anyone who sneaks snacks into the movie theater. This is my own personal conviction and I’m sharing it with you.

Like many of you, I grew up in a home where sneaking snacks into a movie theater was normal. My family would pack goodies we had hanging around the house or we’d hit up a local convenience store and purchase snacks at less than half the price you’d pay for them at the movie theater. We’d drop those yummy treats into our inconspicuous bags and off to the movies we went. I couldn’t wait for the lights to dim so I could whip out my snacks. The funny thing is – most times I wasn’t even hungry. I guess there was something thrilling about sneaking in snacks and getting away with it, scanning the aisles to see if an attendant was lurking in the shadows, and trying my darnedest to softly open a package of chips and not draw attention to myself.

My Story

Yeah, I was all about that sneaking snacks into the movie theater life – even when I had my own children. I remember preparing for the movies one time. I pulled together little juice boxes, mini bags of chips, nutri grain bars, and those cute lil Smuckers frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I stuffed those snacks for my family of four right into my big black coach bag. We arrive at the theater but were not able to sit together. We were separated by a huge aisle, so hubby had one kid and I had the other.

When the lights went down and the movie was about to start I whispered, “Give this to daddy.” My daughter walks across the aisle, sticks her hand out and says, “Here daddy! Here’s your peanut butter and jelly sandwich!” All loud! This child was born with a voice that carries… She doesn’t know the concept of whispering. Anyways, Hubby quipped, “Go sit down!” I’m like, “Oops! My bad.” At that time my baby was 6 years old and didn’t realize we snuck these snacks in the theater. All my children knew was, mommy brings snacks from home in her big black bag.

Why I Stopped Sneaking Snacks Into Movies

Well, now my daughter Raji was about 7 years old. Our family was in the kitchen preparing for the movies. You know the routine. I’m tossing snacks in the big black bag and I see Raji whizz by me with a pink Disney characters back pack. I observed her as she grabbed chips, a strawberry shortcake pastry, and a juice box, and tossed them in her little pink back pack! I said, “Raji what are you doing?” She said, “I’m bringing my own bag of snacks to the movies.” That bothered me. Something about it seemed wrong. I saw myself in what she was doing. A strong conviction gripped my heart. I thought, what am I teaching my children? How to be deceitful, and sneaky? These characteristics cross over into other areas of life, so this did not sit well with me at all.

I’m not one of those “Do as I say not as I do parents.” If it’s not good for the child – many times it’s not good for the parent either. That very day my husband and I decided we would pay $1,000 for snacks at the concession stand or buy nothing at all. Desiring my children to be people of character (virtuous and honest) was why I stopped sneaking snacks into the theater. If my children are going to emulate what I do I better start doing a better job at following Gods standard of living.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” Romans 12:12

But Ty, it’s not that serious…It’s just snacks geesh… Everyone does it! As a Christian I don’t want to do “everything” Keke n nem do or what Pastor so and so does… Listen, if I’m hungry and I happen to find a snickers bar in my bag that I completely forgot about… you know i’m gonna tear that candy bar up right then and there.. along with the $100 nachos I purchased at the concession stand. My point is, there’s a difference between intentional and unintentional. God expects a higher standard of right living from us. I find that God challenges me in the most minute things to see how I respond. How else will I mature and reach a higher standard of living in Christ, if i’m not challenged to? If I respond the way He expects – then I move on to the bigger issues he wants to deal with me about. Hopefully I respond by quickly making the necessary changes. That’s how character is developed. I’m a work in progress folks – No perfection here!


Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph, MA
Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph, MA

I Believe in Sowing and Reaping

Movie theaters make their living off of the astronomically priced concession stand food. Why?  Because movie ticket sales “supposedly” go straight to the movie studios – not the theater. This is someones livelihood. “No outside food or drinks allowed” is the policy of these establishments. No, it may not be written in plain view for you to see in most theaters but the policy exists on most of their websites. Plus, why would we sneak snacks if it was ok to bring them?

You’re probably like, is this chic the “no sneaking snacks police?” Lol! No… But I have a small business, so I get there are rules and policies that customers are expected to adhere by. But I also wouldn’t charge such outlandish prices for my services. My solution: Eat before I go or I’ll just have to be prepared to fork over a good chunk of my paycheck to the concession stand business.

Sowing and reaping is a biblical/universal principle. I want to sow good seeds into my children, my business, and any other things i’m entrusted with – and I want to reap a blessing from them. Thanks to my daughter, I’ve been clean of sneaking snacks into movies for 4 years now. If I can do it – anybody can do it. Lol!

Food for thought: “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” Luke 6:31



8 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Sneaking Snacks Into Movies

  1. I really like what you wrote Sister Ty cute aritle! I appreciate what you said! I do think that these theaters are in violation of breaking one of the 10 commandments though ” Thou shall not steal” with their high prices! Good article and good point! .

    Sister Hadassah!

    1. Hey Sister Hadassah! I know, it feels like you are being robbed lol! Thank you for commenting and thank you for your support.

  2. Thanks for sharing this spiritual snack. Boy was I hungry for it, after digesting conviction I am also satisfied with eating before I get to the theatre or after I leave. Love Peace and Bleasings, Fran

    1. Hey Sis Francine. Spiritual snack! I love it lol! Thank you for commenting. Love and Blessings to you as well.

  3. I understand what your saying sis but the places are out of control in pricing really and I know there are more fortunate folks than others that can afford to spend alot to feed they kids at those places but my truths to that is I can’t eat that crap they fix them young people don’t be washing they hands I will bring my own before I be poisoned by them lol I see them come out the bathroom with out washing they hands just nasty so that’s my issues God forgive me

    1. Lol!! I get it sis. This was a personal conviction for me. I decided to just eat before I go or purchase at the concession stand. I hear you about the kids not washing their hands… If I seen that I wouldn’t buy anything either lol.

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