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3 Minute Devotions for Girls

3 Minute Devotions for Boys

When my kids were younger I spoon fed them the word of God, and I created affirmations out of scriptures they could speak daily to strengthen and encourage themselves. In my past post, Teach your Children the Commands of God I share some of the bibles I used through the years to teach my kids. In the mornings when I drove them to school we’d listen to Keys for Kids Devotional. It’s a really cute online radio program geared toward developing spiritual growth in children. The kids really enjoyed it, I, on the other hand, LOVED IT! Lol! Even as an adult I could apply some of those elementary teachings to my own grown up life. I’ve always had a love for studying the bible and spending time with God (even when I was doing my thing in the world), so naturally, I want my children to do the same.

During our times of devotion my son who is a thinker would often say, “I feel like I don’t know God, is God even real?” As a mom trying to raise Godly children, his little comment and question aggravated me. But, I actually began to appreciate the fact that he was questioning this “faith” I was teaching him. I told him God is real, but he needed to experience God for himself, by reading his bible and asking God to show him that he’s real. I realized it was time for my kids to mature a little bit by learning God’s word and developing intimacy with Him outside of me teaching them. 

My kids are your typical 11 and 12 years old. They love spending time playing Xbox, games on their phones, watching silly videos and stupid cartoons (the cartoons today are stupid). Yes, I’m going to allow them to be children and have fun, with boundaries of course. But I always tell my kids, “What you put inside of you is what comes out of you!” I’d like for my kids to be righteous people with good character. I thought spending alone time with God through a kids bible devotion would be a good start. 

I went online and found two 3 minute devotionals for boys and girls. These are great starter devotionals that are ridiculously affordable. The age range is from 8-12 years (I’ll be looking for the next level very soon). The devotionals contain a scripture, short story or example and prayer. They really are 3 minutes! The stories and examples are practical and children can relate to them. I will say, the print for the girls devotional is small, but my daughter is ok with it.

My kids read their devotional in the morning or after they finish their homework in the afternoon. I encourage my children to give God a total of 10 minutes by reflecting on what they’ve read and examining themselves. Basically just spend time with God and talk about whatever you want to talk about with God! Then I talk with them about what they’ve read and what they took away from it. The goal is to get them comfortable spending time with God and getting to know Him through their reading. My son is still growing in this area but I’m glad he’s putting forth the effort. If you’re looking for a simple kids bible devotional, give these a try. 



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  1. Hi, Sister Ty I just ordered the one for girls! This time it worked for me. Thanks so much and have a great Mother’s day. Your an amazing mom. love Sister Hadassah

    1. Hi Hadassah, good for you! You’ll have to let me know what you think about the devotional. Thanks for the compliment and the Mother’s Day wishes. Love you!

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