I’m The Armor Bearer of My Body

Continuing from my last post Will You Be My Armor Bearer?” God gave me a dream in 2015 to prepare me for an event that was going to take place in my life in 2016. The event involved me battling Gastrointestinal Issues that we will call, “Possible Gastritis.” I don’t label it definitively because I was never officially diagnosed with Gastritis. 

My PC (primary care doctor) placed me on 20 mg of Omeprazole, but I stopped taking them because they seemed to be masking the problem not helping. I changed my diet by cutting out different foods that caused my stomach to burn and ache. During this time I started to develop acid reflux symptoms – burning in my throat and chest and a bile taste in my mouth. I decided to make an appointment to see a Gastroenterologist. She did the routine stool test and pressed around my stomach for pain. She asked questions but didn’t feel I needed an endoscopy. She wanted to put me back on the Omeprazole and raise the 20 mg to 40 mg to reduce the acid my stomach was producing and to help with healing my stomach… aaugh. We went back and forth on this. She basically said I was being foolish and the symptoms will get worse if I don’t take them. So, she chumped me and I stayed on those worthless things for 3 weeks. 

During those 3 weeks, my body experienced so many different symptoms that I basically lived at the hospital. I was given x-rays for chest pain and bladder issues, blood work was checked for liver and diabetes issues, and on and on. Praise God! Everything checked out fine. During this time I also had a major flare up with a cervical herniated disc in my neck which affected my entire body. I woke up one morning with my head and body on fire from nerve inflammation. I could not lay my head on anything or else I’d experience terrible shooting nerve pains in my back and arms. For 3 days I tried to sleep in an upright position on my couch in which I got no sleep. I ended up on the floor most of the time literally crying and begging God for healing and relief (later in my journey I learned I don’t have to beg God for healing, it already belongs to me because of what Jesus did at the cross). He said yes of course, but it would not be instantaneous. That soft voice on the inside said, “This is a process that has to be walked out, now BELIEVE!” Ok God… 

So back to the hospital I went. I was given a prescription for a numbing cream, Tylenol, and muscle relaxers to relax my inflamed nerves so I could sleep. I ended up purchasing a wedge pillow to sleep on. Listen, my bedroom was slowly turning into a hospital room with all these pills, creams and this funny looking pillow. The enemy had plans for me and I was definitely walking into his trap. My weight became a concern. My diet had changed so much I hardly looked like myself. I was very thin and frail. I went from 150 pounds to 136 pounds in like 3 months. The pills were not helping and I became desperate for healing so I drastically changed my diet even more by cutting out meat and dairy for 2 months. A few months later my hair began to shed sooo badly (because I suddenly stopped eating meat and dairy) I thought I was going to be bald. Pic to the left was in May of 2017. Side Note: If you plan on becoming a Vegan or Vegetarian please do your research and do it correctly. 

After all of the foolishness, I finally demanded an endoscopy and my doctor agreed. The results were in!! No Gastritis, No Acid reflux, No Cancer. I was perfectly normal Praise, God. But I still had mild stomach symptoms, strange? A month after my wonderful endoscopy report my father became very ill. My family and I were greatly concerned. I started to notice the symptoms I had before were slowly returning but in greater force than before. I also realized I was dealing with stress which worsened the symptoms, plus the neck and back pain. I felt like I was fighting for my life.

When the Lord gave me that dream, He was preparing me for a journey in which he has definitely been a part of. This journey that I’m still on, consists of me being refined (character development), suffering for a time (hey, Jesus learned obedience through his suffering right?) and enduring for a season (learning to be patient, allowing my faith to be stretched and trusting in the promises found in God’s holy word). I spent a whole year in and out of the hospital listening to Doctor’s. God said, let’s restore your health and your neck my way, now. 

In my next post, I will share what the Lord has been teaching me about Faith, Health and walking in His Divine Healing. God wants us healthy and whole. I realized it was time for me to stop trusting in man and put on The Armor of God. This had become a spiritual battle because sickness is not from God it’s from Satan. See you in the next post.


2 thoughts on “I’m The Armor Bearer of My Body

  1. Thanks so much Sister Ty I a can relate to everything you said. I believe like you G-d is the ulmitmate healer and we have to keep our thoughts postive do what we can in a moderate way for our health and trust G-d to heal or do what he wants us to do in his own time. Thanks for Sharing.

    Sister Hadassah!
    For G-d has not made me a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind and ( body)!

    love you

    1. Amen Sis. I agree with what you’ve said. I have not nothing against Doctors and medicine, God created both. Sometimes when your health situation doesnt make sense and the Doctors are scratching their heads, that’s when you know I have to call on The Great Physican. Love, Power and a Sound Mind! Yes! Love you too.

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