About Tytenisha

Tytenisha is the author of her first book Confessions of a Praying Woman.” This book was birthed out of her personal life experiences through prayer, praying bible scriptures and speaking positive confessions in faith. Tytenisha’s purpose in writing this book is to inspire people with hope in Christ, and lay a basic foundation for seeing answered prayer.

Several years ago Tytenisha had an interesting dream. In the dream, a woman told her, You need to have at least twenty-five pairs of shoes.” Tytenisha discovered she would have numerous life experiences that would serve a purpose in helping others from different walks of life.

Tytenisha began journaling her life experiences at an early age. Over time, she realized fervent prayer, faith, and obedience to the word of God were keys to overcoming some of the challenging experiences she’s faced in life. 

Tytenisha’s motto is, “I teach what I’ve lived.” She wants to share how to apply God’s truth in every hopeless seeming situation and see the power of God revealed. Tytenisha has not collected her twenty-five pairs of shoes yet! She is still learning, still growing and still journaling. 

Tytenisha is a gifted writer and singer. She enjoys reading and interpreting dreams. Tytenisha’s blog, Purple Linen Coats reflects her passion for sharing God’s truth and her diverse interests that are meant to inspire and challenge women to produce for the Kingdom of God. Tytenisha resides in Massachusetts with her husband and children.

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