Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Purple Linen Coats blog! My name is Tytenisha but everyone calls me Ty. I’m a working mom who tries her darndest to balance faith, family, health, fun and purpose. 16 years ago I married the coolest guy ever! Yup, he’s definitely one of a kind. I’m mommy to a super smart boy and a super talented girl whom I love so so much… but they get on my nerves sometimes. Oh, come on! I know you moms can relate. I’m also a step-mom to a young adult who is maturing into an awesome young man. Click the link for more interesting Fun Facts about myself.

Why I Started This Blog:

I started this blog in 2012 because I wanted to encourage women in their faith, family and everyday life. I enjoy providing valuable information, tips and resources that will help women make positive changes and see good results. 

I have been blessed with multiple gifts. I’m a singer, writer, small business owner, interpreter of dreams and visions (still learning) and I enjoy teaching the bible. At one point in life I felt stuck because I didn’t know what gift to follow more. I love it all. This blog was my outlet for those gifts. This is not a niche blog. Expect to learn from various topics I post on. Nothing you read here is head knowledge. I like to share real life experiences.

I wrote a book titled – “Confessions of a Praying Woman.”  My purpose in writing this book is to inspire people with hope in Christ, and lay a basic foundation for seeing answered prayer. By no means am I perfect nor do I hold all the answers, but I do have life experience and that’s what I’ll share on this blog. Listen, I’m just a peculiar woman on an interesting journey called life; learning and teaching as I go.

What I Post About:

On this blog, I’ll post about motherhood, growing in faith, relationships, natural hair, prophetic dreams, healthy eating, and more. I’ll also be encouraging the single ladies. I know all too well what it’s like waiting… and waiting… and waiting (for what seems like an eternity) on God to introduce you to the love of your life.

Blog Name and Meaning:

The name Purple Linen Coats was inspired by a verse in the Proverbs 31 Woman chapter in the bible. I love how this lady is Gifted and Living Virtuously hence the tagline. She’s a hardworking woman/wife/mom who seems to do it all! I think that’s why I love this chapter so much. Every woman can relate to her in one way or another.

The color purple symbolizes royalty, and linen is considered a fine quality fabric. Coats represent a covering or mantles of giftedness. So what does all of this mean? Purple Linen Coats represent me and you! As daughters of the King, we are royal, extraordinary and gifted in many diverse ways all because of Jesus Christ our covering.

Produce for the Kingdom:

What are you doing with your gifts? How acquainted are you with God’s word? What does God expect of you as a woman, wife, mother, and leader? Let’s walk this journey together! Each one of us has something unique to offer and share that will inspire and encourage another person. Let’s have fun and learn from one another. Feel free to write comments and share your experiences and opinions – in love of course. I hope every post leaves you challenged and inspired to produce for the Kingdom of God. From time to time I will be looking for Purple Linen Coats to share their amazing gifts and stories! Will it be you? Happy reading!!


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