Tytenisha Fun Facts

Hello, Beautiful People!


I thought it would be cool to post Ten Fun Facts about myself. 

I am a Multipotentialite: possess multiple gifts and talents

I am an introvert 

I wrote my first song around 7 or 8 years of age. That’s when I discovered I could sing and write 

My very first job was a bagging position at a local grocery store named Family Food Land. I was 14

In my late teens, a friend and I started a Christian rap group called “The Gospel Two” Lol!! We rapped at different events in Boston

I was a part of a female singing group called S.A.I.J. (Seeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) we were bad yall! And we were very close to being signed but the deal fell through 🙁

I first met my husband in elementary school. He used to sit behind me and yank on my ponytail! We went to middle school and some high school together but never dated until years later. He proposed on Christmas day year 2000

I am left handed

I don’t like reading long books Except the Bible lol!

I enjoy watching old shows like Good Times, Full House, Martin and Fresh Prince. 



Here are Ten Things I Love!

I LOVE my family 

I love ICED COFFEE even in the winter time

I love watching Big Brother 

I love studying the Bible

I love Shanice Wilson’s voice

I love Oprah! Her beliefs aside, I find her to be very inspiring

I love to color

I love my natural hair #team natural

I love pretty color lipsticks and nail polishes 

I love clothes shopping. Stores I like: Marshall’s, Forever 21, and Macy’s (Filene’s Basement was my all-time fav)

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